You DO NOT have to repeat the mistakes of your own parents...


 You CAN be the calm, compassionate parent you always wanted to be


Learn my 6 step system for mamas who want to break generational patterns. I'll help you learn how to regulate your own emotions, so you can yell less, create deeply connected relationships with your kids and and build a home your children always want to return to - even if you never had this yourself as a child. 


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Did you swear you'd never be this shouty, impatient mama? 




 If you're anything like the mamas I work with, you always swore you'd do things differently. You never wanted to parent the way your parents did. You wanted to do better.

And you're trying SO hard to be a calm mama. You've read all the books and listened to all the advice from all the experts. You're doing everything you've been told to do. 

But then your toddler has a meltdown. Again.

Your 6 year old refuses to eat the meal you spent hours cooking - for the third time this week.

Your sons are wrestling at the dinner table instead of sitting quietly, even after you spoke to them about this just yesterday.


And no matter how hard you try... you just can't keep your cool.


You feel the stress and frustration building and building, until you explode. You yell. Lash out. Send someone to their room. Confiscate all the devices. Throw your hands in the air and proclaim, "I give up!"

You're exhausted. Of the power struggles. Of the self doubt. Of juggling all the things. Of feeling like things are never going to change.

 You feel like you're failing.

You're worried you've already damaged your relationship with your child beyond repair. You're sure you're screwing this whole thing up.

You know you need to yell less.

But remaining calm when you have so much happening in your life is hard. And so you find yourself resorting to yelling, threats and punishments, because you have no time and you just need to get out the door, or get the bedtime routine started, or for them to turn off that device they've been glued to all day. And every time you fall back into these automatic patterns, you beat yourself up a little more. You feel guilty. You're sure this means you're a bad parent.


But mama, it's not your fault! 


You don't know how to do things differently because you were never taught how. When you were growing up, your parents didn't teach you about emotions or how to manage them. But if you're anything like my clients, you want to give your kids the skills you never had as a child. You don't want to make the same mistakes your parents did. And you certainly want a different relationship with your kids than the one you have with your parents.


You're ready to break the cycle and be the parent you've always wanted to be - the parent YOU wish you'd had as a child.

But here's the truth:

If you don't learn how to effectively regulate your own emotions, you can't possibly break free from this cycle. You'll repeat the same patterns over and over again.

The problem is, when it comes to emotional regulation - you've been sold a lie.

Most people think that regulating emotions is about 'staying calm'. They believe that learning how to self regulate is as simple as learning more strategies. Taking a few deep breaths. Repeating a mantra. 

And so, when they do that, and it doesn't work - when they find themselves yelling at their child for the 3rd time that day because they're already 10 minutes late to soccer training and they're still not dressed - they believe the problem is them.

They feel guilty and ashamed of their reactions. They start to believe that there must be something wrong with them. They're not at good parenting. They're failing. They'll never get this right. That their child deserves a better parent. 

And so they vow to do better next time. They vow to try harder. They believe that they just need to have more self control. More willpower. 

But let me ask you this:

If willpower alone was enough, wouldn't you have already mastered these skills? I mean, you love your kids more than anything in the world. You're a devoted, caring and loving mother who is doing her absolute best to give her children the skills they need to be happy, secure, emotionally healthy little humans.

So why are you still feeling stuck? Still falling back on old habits and automatic patterns. Getting triggered by the same things over and over again?

Because these strategies are not enough. They're not really what creates regulation. Not on their own. 


You need to go deeper. You need to stop relying on surface level, bandaid solutions.

You don't need more strategies

You don't need more willpower

Your kids don't need more discipline (no matter what your mother in law tells you!)

You just need to get to the root cause of the problem. Until you can do that, you'll never get out of this cycle of frustration, anxiety, guilt and shame.

You need to learn what real self regulation looks like. You need support. Connection. Co-regulation. And those skills you were never taught. You can't do this alone. And that's where I can help, because...

There IS a better way.

Imagine this...

Your kids listen to you - without you needing to yell.

Family dinners are spent talking and laughing around the table instead of refereeing fights and putting kids back in chairs.

Your kids are arguing less, whining less and having less meltdowns - because their needs are being met.

When big feelings come up, instead of feeling immediately overwhelmed and panicked, you know exactly what to do to support your child.

You feel confident to set boundaries without yelling, shaming or punishing your child.

And most importantly, your kids know that they can come to you with ANYTHING. Because they feel safe and secure and unconditionally loved and accepted by you. You are a modern, mindful mama. 

These are the results I get for my clients. And they're possible for you too.

A complete, step by step mindful parenting system that will teach you how to ACTUALLY regulate your emotions so you can take your home from chaos and power struggles to calm and connection

Expert Masterclasses

Each month we do a deep dive into one aspect of Mindful Parenting, presented to you by me, or other experts in their fields. In the past we've covered topics like: Self regulation for mothers, Understanding your child's sensory needs, Connecting with your child using their love language, Understanding your attachment style and Discipline without punishment. These masterclasses are all about giving you the knowledge and the skills to move you along your mindful parenting journey. Each masterclass has accompanying action steps to to help with accountability and implementation. Things like workbooks, templates, journaling exercises and more!

Quick Win Videos

I know you don't have a lot of time on your hands as a busy mama. So each month I'll give you a short actionable task you can complete right away, that will bring you FAST results. This might be a self regulation exercise, a meditation or mindfulness activity, or a step by step framework that helps you put a new skill into action without feeling overwhelmed or confused.

The Behaviour Files

These short videos and printable guides mean you can finally stop googling, "What do I do when my child..." These videos and guides include everything you need to respond mindfully to your child's most challenging behaviours. You'll get customisable scripts, plug and play templates, and fill-in-the-blank plans so you know exactly what to do and say to YOUR child next time they talk back, tell a lie, or hit their sibling.

ALL the support

Mindful Parenting can be lonely and difficult, especially when you feel like you don't have support. That's why The Mindful Little Mama provides you with so many opportunities to connect with other mamas who understand. You'll get a monthly live Q & A with me, where you can access my 15 years of knowledge and experience as a child and family therapist. And you'll get access to a private Facebook Group, The Mindful Little Mama Village, where you can ask questions, celebrate your wins, attend monthly community check ins, and participate in fun challenges designed to get you results!

It's time to transform your home (and your relationships) just like these other Mindful Little Mama Members:

"The Mindful Little Mama has changed our family." 

"It has given me the tools to be a more loving, understanding and calm mum to my children. I feel more confident in my parenting style and that is showing in our interactions and my lack of reactions. I am putting myself first and not feeling guilty about it. Not so that I can give more to my children and partner, but because I deserve to be a priority."

Jess - Mama of 2

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"I would highly recommend The Mindful Little Mama to all mamas!"

"I decided to join the Mindful Little Mama Membership to gain a further understanding of how to self regulate with a view to maintaining and improving the relationship that I had with my 5 year old. The content each month has been fantastic and the supporting workbooks have been so in depth, full of knowledge and ideas that can be implemented easily. Whenever a new masterclass is released, I cannot wait to sit down and listen to enable me to improve myself as a Mama and the relationship that I have with my children. One of my favourite resources that we gained access to as part of the membership is the “Calm Down Space.” The breathing techniques and emotion cards included in this pack have made such a huge difference in our home. I would highly recommend the Mindful Little Mama to all Mamas."

Charlotte - Mama of Eamon (6) and Finn (1)

"I have really felt like I have a cheerleader and a mentor at my fingertips!"

 "Before The Mindful Little Mama membership my family were at a total loss as to how to help our children. There was a lot of shouting, a lot of friction and tension. By joining The Mindful Little Mama I learned that I needed to listen to my kids, they wanted to be heard. I learned skills and techniques to not only help them but myself and a broader area of my life too. Sarah has so much knowledge and information to give, she’s always so enthusiastic and I have really felt like I have a cheerleader and a mentor at my fingertips. I’m so excited for all the other things Sarah has to teach. If you’re a family that finds yourself shouting too much, are stressed, don’t know how to help your children through their big emotions, then this is exactly the place you need to be. The whole community is safe and friendly and so supportive!"

Amy - Mama of Viggo (8) and Storm (2)

Here's what's waiting for you inside  once you become a member:

The exact step-by step process for implementing mindful parenting in your home - so you can parent without punishments, threats or yelling and ditch the mama guilt for good!

In this stage you will:

  • Bust some common myths about mindful parenting and mindfulness so you can get clear on exactly what mindful parenting is (and what it is not!)
  • Tap in to the powerful brain science of visualisation as you cast a vision for your future life with your family
  • Get clear on your WHY so you can remain focused and committed to your goals, even on the days when things feel hard and you question if this is the right path for you.
  • Set clear goals that align with the values you want to teach your children and the kind of world you want to create for them

In this stage you'll learn:

  • The truth about what self regulation REALLY is (It's probably not what you think!)
  • How to get to the root cause of your regulation difficulties so you can feel in control of your triggers and YELL LESS
  • Simple self regulation exercises that ACTUALLY work
  • How to create a self care plan that will help you MANAGE STRESS effectively and break free of the cycle of reactivity you're stuck in

In this stage you will learn:

  • The HIDDEN REASON for your child's frequent tantrums and meltdowns
  •  A step by step process for responding to your child's BIG EMOTIONS so they can learn to express emotions in healthy, productive ways
  • The single MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to reduce the frequency, intensity. and duration of your child's meltdowns and tantrums
  • How to attune to your child's emotional needs so you can PREVENT MELTDOWNS before they even start
  • A simple, research backed system for teaching your child SELF REGULATION that they will actually enjoy

In this stage you'll discover:

  • Why your child's behaviour triggers you so quickly and what you REALLY need to do to prevent it (nope, it's not deep breathing!)
  • How your childhood relationships affect your responses to your child now - and what you can do it about it now that you're an adult!
  • The single MOST CRUCIAL thing you need to do to avoid passing unhelpful generational beliefs and coping strategies onto your kids 
  • A simple step-by-step process for repairing and reconnecting with your child after an argument so you can create a secure, safe and trusting relationship with them, even if you don't always get it "right"

In this stage you'll learn: 

  • The unconscious communication mistakes you're making that are damaging your relationship with your child (and how to fix them!)
  • The real reason your child isn't listening to you and what you can do about it - no threats, bribes or yelling necessary!
  • What you can REALLY expect from your child based on their age and stage of development (this might surprise you!)
  • The FASTEST way to diffuse power struggles, even if you have a strong willed child
  • How to set firm but kind limits with your child WITHOUT resorting to threats, punishments or fear

In this stage you'll:

  • Establish a regular mindfulness practice so you can effectively manage your triggers and remain fully present with your kids when it matters most
  • Learn how to ditch the negative self talk once and for all, so you can stop beating yourself up every time you make a mistake (it's ok, you're only human!)
  • Put systems and routines in place in your home that allow you to calm the chaos and create the family life you truly want - what will that look like for you?!
  • Commit to regular, ongoing reflective practice so you can continue to grow and heal as a mother

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"Before we found this community, we were resorting to yelling in frustration"

"The Mindful Little Minds Community helps me and my family to operate (and cooperate!) in a calmer, gentler way. Before we found this community, and Sarah's resources we were resorting to yelling in frustration - reacting rather than responding. We are of course still a work in progress but we are all learning to be more mindful in our actions and responses."

Alison - Mama of Edith (5) and Freddie (3)

What makes The Mindful Little Mama different? 

The Mindful Little Mama is not like other memberships and courses. It will show you the exact step by step process  you need to take to implement mindful parenting in your home and go from chaos and power struggles to calm and connection. Without having to overhaul your entire parenting strategy overnight.

With the help of The Mindful Parenting Pathway you will go from Powerless Parent to Modern Mindful Mama

It will give you all the information you need to decode your child's challenging behaviours so you can understand why they're happening (and how to prevent them)

It will show you how to get your kids to listen and cooperate with you without yelling, bribing or punishing them.

It will give you the tools and the confidence you need to set and hold limits that keep your child safe without hurting your relationship.

And will it help you finally learn how to effectively self regulate so you can teach your kids to do the same and set them up with the skills they'll need to be successful, empathetic, emotionally healthy adults.

 And because this is a step by step system, you can do all of this without confusion. No more wondering what to do when. No more feeling overwhelmed.  This pathway is all about taking small, meaningful steps in the right direction. And, I'll be there to hold your hand every step of the way, so you won't have to do it alone!

The Mindful Little Mama Membership is all about meeting you where you're at right now and helping you become the modern mindful mama you always wanted to be, but never thought was possible. 

Hi, I'm Sarah!

I’m a child and family psychologist, mum of 4, and creator of The Mindful Little Mama.

I have over 15 years of experience as a child and family therapist working with kids and teens with serious mental health challenges.

I have a Bachelor of Psychology and a Masters of Clinical Psychology. And I’ve spent the last 3 years building Mindful Little Minds to help families just like yours.

I'm also a total brain nerd and my love of all things brain and relationships science guides my approach to psychology, to parenting and to, in general.

Why? Because I know that understanding our brains and nervous systems and how these change in relationship with others - makes us better parents. It allows us to respond to others with empathy and understanding and helps us remember what is truly important. And I know this first hand, because I've lived it.

A few years ago, I was right where you are now....

The Mindful Parenting Pathway transformed my family 

 I was the snappy, angry, losing her patience, no fun, always nagging mama. And I hated it. 

I had always vowed to do things differently. I didn't want the same relationship with my kids that I had with my parents. But there I was, with a psychology degree and a ton of knowledge about mindful parenting - unable to put it into practice with my own precious kids. I felt like a fraud.

Until I created The Mindful Parenting Pathway. A culmination of my 15 years of therapeutic work with families, organised into a complete system for implementing mindful parenting. And I applied it to my own family.

And then the arguments ended. The aggression stopped. The meltdowns became few and far between. 

We were able to go out to dinner again without worrying about having to leave early. Mornings were no longer rushed and filled with yelling about shoes and packing bags. We were able  to get through the bedtime routine without threatening to cancel movie night. And I no longer felt like hiding away in my room every single day.

I broke the cycle. We had peace in our home again. And I want to help you do the same.

Enrol in The Mindful Little Mama today!

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What is a lifetime of connected, cooperative relationships worth to you?


When you enrol in The Mindful Little Mama, you're getting the culmination of 15 years of therapy experience as well as the lived experience I've gained from implementing the parenting pathway in my own family. 

This system is exactly what I teach parents and families during private therapy sessions, for a fraction of the price. Private therapy sessions with me can set families back $270 an hour.  But I created The Mindful Parenting Pathway, because I wanted to do more for families than I could in just 1 hour of therapy per week. I wanted to make these resources accessible. I wanted to reach more families. Transform more lives. 

That's why The Mindful Little Mama isn't an overpriced, expensive program that you have to spend months saving up for or paying off. In fact, this is more than a program. It's  a transformation. A transformation that will free you from the guilt and self doubt that keeps you stuck and struggling and lets you become the modern mindful mama you want to be.

The Mindful Little Mama is an investment of just $37 per month. At that price, it's a no brainer. Why? Because even if you implement just a few of the strategies or frameworks inside, you can make a huge difference to the trajectory of your child's life (and yours!).




Because The Mindful Little Mama is a monthly membership, if for any reason, you don't feel like the content inside is right for you and your family, you can simply cancel your subscription and you won't be charged again. 

No lock in contracts, no jumping through hoops to cancel, no confusing conditions. You just send me an email and I will cancel your subscription right away for you and you won't be charged again. You can even do it yourself from inside of the parenting portal with just a few clicks.  

Ready? Let's do this!

As a Mindful Little Mama member, you'll get access to all of these amazing resources and supports for less than the cost of your daily cup of coffee!

Choose either a monthly or yearly subscription:

Basic Monthly Membership


Approx $27 USD

  • Unlimited access to the Parenting Portal
  • Access to the entire library of past masterclasses, quick win videos & printable resources
  • A private, members only FB group
  • Monthly coaching calls with an experienced child and family psychologist
  • No lock in contracts
  • Fixed pricing for as long as you remain a member
  • Leave at any time

Premium Yearly Membership


Approx $265 USD

  • Unlimited access to the Parenting Portal
  • Access to the entire library of past masterclasses, quick win videos & printable resources
  • A private, members only FB group
  • Monthly coaching calls with an experienced child and family psychologist
  • No lock in contracts
  • Fixed pricing for as long as you remain a member
  • 2 months FREE

"Learning to remain calm myself has been a massive game changer!"

"Connect then correct has become my mantra and I am much more comfortable simply 'being there' whilst Arthur is feeling his ginormous feelings. Previously, I would have screamed back at him. I’m becoming much better at simply holding him and naming his feelings and acknowledging why he’s feeling that way."

Diana - Mama of Arthur (6) and Rosie (2)

Ok, let's recap what you get:

When you join The Mindful Little Mama membership, you'll get instant access to everything you need to take your home from chaos and power struggles to calm and connection:

Access to the 15+ expert masterclasses you need to move you along your mindful parenting pathway

Access to all quick win videos to help you take imperfect action, so you can see big changes in your family, faster 

Templates, workbooks, journaling exercises, meditations and activities to help you implement your new skills without confusion or overwhelm

Scripts, plug and play templates and fill in the blank response plans so you know exactly what to do and say in response to challenging behaviours from your kiddo

An exclusive members only Facebook Community where you can build your tribe and get the support you need from mamas who just "get it"

Monthly live Q&A calls with an experienced child and family psychologist 

Enrol in The Mindful Little Mama today!

(Just $37 per month)


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 Still not sure if The Mindful Little Mama is right for you?  

The Mindful Little Mama is for...

  • People who are ready to raise children using a respectful approach - without punishments, shame, blame or fear.
  • People who believe in the principles of mindful parenting but struggle to put them into practice
  • Cycle breakers who want to parent differently. Not the way their parents did it. Not the way society thinks they should, and not the way they're doing things now. 
  • People who are ready and willing to do deep inner work so they can change things for themselves and their family - even if they're lacking support right now or feeling short on time.

The Mindful Little Mama is not for...

  • People who want a quick fix or super fast solution. If you believe a few scripts or extra regulation strategies are going to be the solution, this is not the place for you. 
  • People who believe their children are the problem and are looking to fix or change them, without making any changes to the way they themselves respond. 
  • People who are looking for 1:1 coaching or therapy. This is a group experience.
  • People who cannot commit to doing the work 

I know that as a mother, investing in yourself feels hard.


Taking time out for self care and personal development can feel indulgent and spending money on yourself can make you feel guilty. It's the reason so many of us walk around in stretched out holey underwear while our kids are wearing the best threads around!

I know you're wondering if investing in The Mindful Little Mama is yet another thing that's going to make you feel guilty. And honestly, that's the last thing I want to do. Because us mamas carry enough guilt around with us already.

So I won't give you the spiel about the plane and the oxygen mask and looking after yourself first so you can look after others. You already know that.

But what I will tell you, is that it's time to make a choice. And that choice is not really about you at all. 

Well, only a little. You see, it starts with you. But it ends with your kids.

The difficult behaviours end. The big, emotional outbursts end. The tantrums end. The defiance ends. The aggression ends. The fighting ends. The chaos ends. 

The unhelpful coping strategies end. 

Because the cycle ends. 

The cycle of passing down unhealed hurst and traumas and unhelpful beliefs and patterns. It ends with you, and your child. 

And when you choose The Mindful Little Mama, what you get is a more peaceful home. Kids who do what you ask because they feel seen and heard and understood. Connected to you. 

What you ultimately get when you join The Mindful Little Mama, is happy, secure, and emotionally healthy kids. Kids who make the world a better place .

And I happen to think that's the ultimate in worthwhile investments. 

So now it's time for you to choose. Do nothing, and continue to stay stuck and struggling, or join The Mindful Little Mama today and build a better future for you and your child. 


There has never been a better time to get started than RIGHT NOW!

If you put this off, what's going to change? Don't wait. 

Join now and be the calm, confident mama your family deserves. Your child is worth it And so are YOU! 

Enrol in The Mindful Little Mama today!

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In case there's anything I missed, here are some commonly asked questions:  

Enrol in The Mindful Little Mama today!

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Click here to save $74 when you pay for a full year