1:1 Mindful Parent Coaching Program

One on one support to help you break generational patterns, regulate your emotions, and be the mindful parent YOU always wanted to be - even if no one ever showed you how.

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Reduce Power Struggles

No more arguments with a tiny version of yourself. And no more threats, bribes or punishments. Just calm, cooperative kids who do what you ask because they WANT to.

Strengthen Relationships

Create a trusting, safe relationship with your child so they know they can always come to you with anything - without being afraid of your reaction.

Restore Harmony

Create a calm, peaceful home where everyone enjoys spending time together - one your kids will always look forward to coming back to.

The Mindful Parenting Pathway

The Mindful Parenting Pathway is my own unique approach - rooted in the evidence based theories of child development, attachment, neuropsychology and relational neurobiology. It was developed during my 15 years of clinical work with children and families and is designed to empower you with an understanding of your child's brain and behaviour and how both can, and do, change when they feel safe, secure and unconditionally accepted just as they are.


We'll look at all the sources of stress in your home and I'll give you strategies to monitor and manage your stressors so you can decrease your reactivity once and for all - by getting to the real root of the problem. We'll look at hidden stressors your child is experiencing that may be contributing to their behaviour.


We'll work on shifting your unhelpful beliefs and the patterns of interacting and responding to your child that are creating disconnection and a lack of perceived emotional safety in your relationship. I'll help you understand and attune to your child's emotional needs so they can feel truly seen and understood by you.

Skill Building

I'll teach you research backed, brain based strategies you can add to your mindful parenting toolbox so you can communicate with, discipline and respond to your child calmly and with intention. I'll also show you how to support your child's development and teach them the skills they need based on their age and stage.

What's included?  

We will work together for a period of 6 months, and you will receive individualised support that is tailored to you and your family as you work towards your mindful parenting goals. You'll receive:

  • 12 x fortnightly telehealth sessions over 6 months (50 mins each)
  • A bonus call to use at any time during the program when you need extra support, OR as a booster session up to 3 months after you complete the program
  • Access to a secure private chat for unlimited support and troubleshooting between calls.
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How it Works:

→First, complete an appointment request form so I can get an idea of what's going on for you and your family


→I'll then be in touch within 1 week to schedule our first appointment. This appointment goes for 1.5 hours and is A$200. Together we will discuss what is and is not working for you and your family and explore your goals and vision for the future.


→ If we are a good fit to work together, I'll send you a link to my calendar so you can schedule in your appointments. Parent Coaching sessions are $165 per session and are billed monthly. That's $330 per month, for 6 months.

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