The Attuned Parent   

A 10 week group coaching program to help you attune to your child's emotional needs and mindfully respond to your child's emotions and behaviours - so you can strengthen your relationship, build calmer homes, and help your child feel truly seen, understood and accepted just as they are

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Hey mama! I see you trying hard to break the cycle and parent differently to how you were raised. But I also know that you're tired of...


❌ Explosive meltdowns, tantrums and outbursts from your child that seem to come from nowhere, often turn violent, and leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused and powerless to help your child!

❌ Feeling like you can't leave your kids alone in the same room for 5 minutes without World War 3 breaking out and wondering if they'll ever be able to work these things out themselves and get along so you can stop feeling like the world's most underpaid referee!

❌ Walking on eggshells, tiptoeing around issues or avoiding setting boundaries with your kids for fear of setting off a huge meltdown or aggressive outburst that you just don't have the time or the energy to deal with right now.

❌ Feeling guilty and ashamed of yourself because despite your best intentions, you yelled at your kids again today and you're sure that the way you're responding to your kids right now is hurting, instead of helping them.


I know you're looking for a better way to parent. That you want to feel confident and assured that you are doing your best to nurture your child's emotional health, and meeting their emotional needs. That you want to go to bed at night feeling good - not guilty - about your parenting choices.


You know that emotional intelligence is important for your child's future success, and you want your child to develop the skills they need to manage their emotions, so you are....

Trying to teach your child calm down strategies

👉🏼 BUT your child just cannot or will not use the strategies you suggest. They flat out refuse to try mindful breathing, throw the stress ball across the room, yell at you to go away and leave them alone or lash out and become aggressive when you offer them a hug or try to help them calm down.

Trying to talk to your child about their feelings

👉🏼 BUT naming your child's emotions seems to make them angrier, and when you attempt to talk to them about how they're feeling, they tell you they're fine, refuse to talk to you (or even look at you), or it  ends in an argument that leaves you both feeling worse than before.

Trying to remain calm yourself

👉🏼 BUT you find yourself so triggered by your child's behaviour that you just can't stay calm in the moment. You end up yelling, threatening, or punishing your child, even though you know it's not helpful and it's not the parent you want to be - at all. You just feel so helpless and frustrated in the moment, you don't know what else to do!

You want to break generational cycles and give your kids the skills to manage their emotions - skills you never learned as a child



What if you could put an end to the frustration, confusion and overwhelm you feel when your child experiences big emotions and behaviours and could instead, feel confident in your ability meet your child's needs and support them with their emotions - so they can learn the skills they need to successfully navigate all the ups and downs of life - both now and in the future?


Sound too good to be true?


It's not. Keep reading and I'll show you exactly how we can get there...together!



The Attuned Parent


A 10-week, live coaching program for parents of kids aged 2-12 that will help you learn how to be more attuned to your child's emotional needs, so you can help them learn how to identify, express and manage emotions in healthy ways, create stronger, more connected relationships and build a calmer, more peaceful home that your child always wants to return to - no matter how old they get.


All the knowledge, practical tools and support you need to be an emotionally intelligent parent


The Attuned Parent is a 10 week mindful parenting program delivered in small online group coaching sessions. Each week we will cover a different aspect of emotionally intelligent parenting. 




👉🏼 The importance of emotional intelligence and how emotionally intelligent parenting impacts your child and your relationship with each other, both now and in the future

👉🏼 The way your child's brain development impacts their ability to understand and manage emotions, and how it impacts their behaviour - so you can finally let go of unrealistic expectations that actually make your child's behaviour worse

👉🏼 How to build your emotional awareness (and your child's) so you both have the language you need to discuss and express emotions in healthy ways

👉🏼 How to really understand your child's emotional experience so you can validate your child and help them feel seen, heard and accepted just as they are

👉🏼 The importance of "being with" your child when they experience big emotions and how to co-regulate when your child is experiencing a meltdown or tantrum so they feel safe and seen and can learn how to eventually self regulate

👉🏼 How to set clear but empathetic boundaries with your child without punishing, shaming or blaming your child, so you can keep them and others safe without damaging your relationship

👉🏼 How to problem solve with your kids so they can learn the skills they need to manage their emotions, get along with others and deal with conflict

👉🏼 How to support your child through the experience of anxiety, fear or worry so they can develop the confidence they need to cope with challenges

👉🏼 How to respond to aggressive behaviour and support your child through their experience of anger without hurting others

👉🏼 How to respond to sibling arguments in a way that results in less fighting, less rivalry and a more healthy, connected sibling relationship

"I yell less and am able to stop and process before I react to the situation more often than before."

Regina, Mom of 4

"I have noticed a better relationship between the two older boys - less fighting. They talk about problems between them better."

Julia, Mom of 4

"I feel like I’m using language now that helps us both identify the cause of the meltdown — so even if it happens it doesn’t last anywhere near as long."

Daniela, Mum of 4

 Join now and you'll get...


  • 10 x weekly Zoom sessions (90 mins each) with a small group of no more than 10 families 
  • A short task to complete at home each week to help you put what you're learning into practice
  • A comprehensive parent workbook that includes all the information we cover during our time together, as well as all the exercises and resources you need to implement your learning. 
  • A recording of each session so you can rewatch as you need or catch up if you miss a session 
  • Access to a secure private chat or Facebook group for unlimited support and troubleshooting (from me and your fellow mindful parents) between calls.




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What to expect...

  • Groups are run at two different times to account for time zones around the world - Monday 8:30pm AEST, and Tuesday 10:30am AEST. You only need to attend 1 group!
  • All participants begin and end the program together. This creates a supportive community feel and allows members to really get to know each other and feel safe sharing with each other.
  • Groups are capped at 10 families each to ensure I can give everyone the support and attention they need and no one gets lost in the crowd.
  • We complete 10 sessions across 11 weeks with a week off mid way through the program to allow everyone to rest and/or catch up!
  • All sessions are LIVE coaching calls. There is no pre-recorded content to watch - no one has time for that!
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What makes this program different? 


It's a coaching program, not a DIY course.


Because YOU need connection and co-regulation too. The parents who go through this program certainly love learning and acquiring new skills and find the practical tools, discussions, and opportunities for reflection incredibly helpful. But time and again, they report that their favourite part of this experience is connecting with other parents and feeling less alone on their journey.


I felt completely safe and comfortable

"I was going through a difficult time while doing the course, and I felt comfortable to open up to everyone - the group is small and cosy, and feels private and personal.  I don’t normally open up to people I don’t know, but I felt completely safe and comfortable, and when I did open up, I received a lot of support and excellent advice, all in line with where I want to be." 


This program provides you with a level of accountability and support that just isn't possible in a large group or a pre-recorded course. When you join us for this program, you get accountability and personalised support that gets you results faster. But most importantly, you receive compassion, understanding and connection from others who are walking the same journey. You feel truly seen. And that's ultimately what creates the most lasting change for all of us. 



Here's what changed for other parents after they completed The Attuned Parent...

 It really is a life changing experience

"I just want to say how glad I am I did the program and how grateful I am to you, Sarah, for the program. It really is a life changing experience and something that I will be able to use in relationships with not just my family but also with others in my life. The relationship between my children, my husband and I have certainly strengthened."

Kim, Mum of 2 - Sydney Australia

It has resulted in less power struggles

"My family needed The Attuned Parent because my husband and I were struggling with our older daughter's increased explosive tantrums/meltdowns. The Attuned Parent helped me to get a better understanding of what was really happening. This was important because I was at a loss and now it has resulted in less power struggles."

Suzanne, Mom of 2 - Chicago USA

I would definitely recommend this programme!

"It is a great way to connect with other parents, share experiences and know you are not alone. Sarah informs, guides and facilitates really impactful discussions that lead to a much better understanding of what is going on for your child and how you can help them. It’s a great balance of information, connection and reflection"

Sarah, Mum of 2 - United Kingdom

The course has helped me be much kinder to myself

"I have now started to adjust the way I respond to my children. I recognise their needs better, and therefore am able to try to meet them more.  I’m also more aware of my own emotions and struggles, the course has helped me to be much kinder to myself, not to mention all the support from Sarah and all the lovely ladies in the group who encouraged me and supported me. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to any parent who is overwhelmed and needs compassion and empathy; anyone who wants to find a way of setting healthy boundaries which make their family happier and communicate better."

Sam, Mum of 2 - United Kingdom

Sarah has changed my whole family's life

"I’m a more regulated mom. I have a better understanding on how to help my kids in a big feeling moment. It’s also nice knowing there are other parents struggling with the same things I am as a parent. This program allowed us parents to come together and feel the normalcy and relatability of children and their behaviors in every day life. I would recommended this program to anyone struggling in their parenting journey. I have found this experience simply rewarding."

Regina, Mom of 4, Texas USA

We went from knowing the theory to having the actual tools to make the change

"My husband and I have reflected a lot on what could have been done differently in our own childhoods however we felt frustrated that there were some behaviours/patterns that we kept repeating with our own children. The Attuned Parent Course gave us both practical steps and tools to make this change. We went from knowing the theory to having the actual tools to make the change. We feel more connected to our children and confident that we will break the generational trauma that existed in both our families. Thank you Sarah for giving us the peace, confidence and tools to give our children the gift of healthy relationships."

Daniela, Mum of 4 - Melbourne, Australia

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Our next group begins October 3rd and runs through until the week of December 12th. You'll get all the parenting tools you need to navigate the often tricky holiday season!

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