The Love Languages Challenge  

A 5-week, hands on challenge to help you learn - and use - your child's primary love language so you can connect more deeply, strengthen your parent-child bond, and help your child feel truly seen, understood and unconditionally loved by you!

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Hey mama! I see you trying hard to build a strong, respectful, and close relationship with your child.


But I also know that while you're busy trying to cultivate that special relationship you might be thinking...


❌ No matter how much time I spend with my child, it never seems to be enough! It feels like they always need more from me, and I am so drained and exhausted. I'm not sure I can ever give them what they really need.

❌ I spend my days doing everything for my child and they don't appreciate me at all! I cook their favourite meals, clean up after them, help them with homework, drive them around, cheer them on at sporting events. I've sacrificed so much for my child, but despite all of that, they won't help me out when I ask, and I'm feeling angry and resentful.

❌ I can't compete with my child's device. No matter how much I try, all my child seems to want to do is spend time with their face glued to a screen. I'm feeling hopeless and defeated and I'm sure I must be doing something wrong for them to choose their screen over me. 

❌ My child speaks so negatively about themselves, I must not be doing a very good job of letting them know how special they are to me. They don't seem to believe me when I tell them how much I love them, and my heart breaks into a million pieces every time they get stuck in a negative thinking spiral.


💙 I know you love your child more than anything else. And that you want a relationship with them where they know they can always come to you with anything 💙


But right now, you're worried that what you're doing is not enough to build the relationship with your child you always wanted. 


You're worried that YOU are not enough, and that you're getting this all wrong.


You already know that the quality of your relationship with your child is one of the biggest predictors of their future well-being, and you want your child to feel unconditionally loved, worthy and valued for who they are.


So you've been folowing all the usual advice...

Inviting your child to play with you or join you in completing everyday tasks...


👉🏼 BUT your child just doesn't seem interested in anything you suggest, and often declines these invitations in favour of their screen or device. You can't seem to find any common ground between the two of you.

Trying to talk to your child about their day, and asking about how they're feeling...


👉🏼 BUT when you try to start a conversation with your child, they answer with a shrug, say "I don't know", give you one word answers, or even grunt at you! You have no idea how to get your child to open up to you.

Scheduling in fun family activities and outings that you think your child will enjoy...


👉🏼 BUT your child complains, whines or has a meltdown every time you to try to do things together as a family, or seems to want to spend all their time alone in their room. This is creating conflict and more disconnection between the two of you. 

You want to break generational cycles and build a relationship with your children that you never had with your own parents 



What if you could put an end to the frustration, the confusion, and the worry that you're not doing enough to build a strong bond with your child, and could instead, feel confident in your ability meet your child where they're at, and connect with them in a way that helps them feel truly seen and understood  - so you can build a relationship based on trust, respect and acceptance  - a relationship where your child knows they can always come to you for support - no matter how old they are.


Sounds great right?


And it's absolutely possible for you. But you're going to need some help...



The Love Languages Challenge


A 5-week, live and action packed challenge for parents that will help you better understand the ways in which your child feels loved and appreciated. I'll help you identify and use each of Gary Chapman's 5 love languages to express your love for your child, so they will not just know they are loved unconditionally - they will feel that love and carry it with them for the rest of their lives.


The key to connecting more deeply with your child and strengthening your parent-child bond is speaking their love language...


Gary Chapman's theory about love languages has transformed relationships. And when you apply it to your relationship with your child? You can transform your relationship too.


Gary Chapman believes that there are 5 primary love languages. And that a lot of the disconnection and lack of closeness we feel in our relationships occurs when we are speaking different love languages.


Right now, you're probably expressing your love to your child in a way that makes sense for you. You're expressing your love in the way YOU prefer to receive it.




If we are not expressing love to our children in a way that they understand, then they won't feel loved by us. We need to express our love for our children in the way THEY prefer to receive it.


So during this challenge, I'll help you become fluent in ALL love languages. And then together, we'll identify and get you using YOUR CHILD'S primary love language, so you can ditch the self doubt and fear of not being enough - for good.


You're not failing mama. And it's not too late. You're already doing SO much to show your child how much you love them. Now we just need to ensure you're doing what works best for YOUR CHILD.

 Join now and you'll get...


  • 5 x short weekly live calls with me, where we talk about what each love language looks like, how it impacts your relationship with your child, and important do's and don'ts when it comes to using each love language. 
  • A comprehensive list of example activities for each love language that you can go away and try with your child, to help you put what you're learning into practice
  • Weekly journaling prompts for YOU so you can explore your own love languages and any barriers or mindset shifts you may need to make in order to express your love in the way your child truly wants and needs 
  • A recording of each session so you can rewatch as you need or catch up if you miss a session 
  • Access to a secure private community (not on facebook) for unlimited support from me and connection with like minded parents!





Yes, count me in!

What to expect...

  • Each week you will join me for a short live video (15-20 mins) where we talk about the love language for the week
  • I'll provide you with a list of suggested ways you can use that love language with your child 
  • You'll choose 1 activity from that list to try each day (or of course, you can choose your own activity!)
  • You'll also do some guided journaling to reflect on your own experiences with each love language so you can uncover any unhelpful beliefs or mindset blocks that may be preventing you from using them with your child
  • At the end of the week you'll check in with the group and let us know how it went and what changes you may have seen in your relationship with your child!
Yes, I want this!

Why a challenge? 


 Sure, you can go away and read about love languages. You can probably try some of these exercises on your own and see some changes in your relationship with your child.


But this program provides you with a level of accountability and support that just isn't possible alone.


 When you join us for this challenge, you get accountability and personalised support that gets you results faster.

Because if you're really honest with yourself...


How many books about parenting have you already read?


How many books about parenting have you read and immediately forgotten about?


How many AMAZING books about parenting have you read but never implemented in your family?


This challenge is about taking action. Not just learning the theory, but putting it into practice so you actually get results.


Change cannot happen without action and accountability.


But most importantly, it can't happen without compassion, understanding and connection with others who are walking the same journey.


That's ultimately what creates the most lasting change for all of us. 

Join us today!

The challenge begins April 1st and runs through until the week of May 1st. You'll get everything you need to cultivate a respectful, close and connected relationship with your child 

Yes, I want this!

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